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Indent knows one thing,  you’ll want to consider is which Paintless Dent Repair / Removal (PDR) Company is the most experienced, not the cheapest. Attempting to save $10, $20, $30 or even $50 doesn’t compare to the unsatisfactory results or incomplete repairs you might experience. Paintless Dent Repair / Removal (PDR) is definitely a craft and not just a service… It’s an ART!

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Hours can change without notice. We also travel during our hail season, Which is from March to September. At that time we may not be available for regular business hours.



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Serving the fox cities and Appleton, Green Bay, New London,  Hortonville, Greenville, Stevens Point, Rothschild, Menasha, Neenah, Little chute, Wausau, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, South Dakota,   

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Hello, Indent is sorry to hear that your car was damaged in a hail storm. We are here to tell you how we can make that hail damage disappear with paintless dent repair, a specific and meticulous process of returning ding and dents back to their original shape without having to repaint all of or part of your vehicle depending on the severity of damage. Rest assured our unique tools and highly trained technicians can restore your vehicle to its pre-loss condition in just a few days, from drop off to delivery let me tell you how. The first step is scheduling an appointment to estimate your repair. All you have to do is make a claim with your insurance company. After a hailstorm there thousands of claims to process. An early call to your insurance company will expedite the process. You will need to take your car in for an estimate, and you should plan on spending about a half an hour to 45 minutes with us through the entire process. To ensure an accurate assessment of your hail damage, Please rinse off or wash your vehicle before you appraisal appointment. It is much easier to spot the damage on a clean and dry car than it is on a dirty car which can result in missed damage. The estimator will carefully examine each panel of your vehicle to make sure we count and measure each dent and taking pictures of the damage panels. Sometimes the damage is severe enough that your car may need a combination repair. That means that some of the dents can be removed through paintless dent repair, but some may require traditional body repair. In that instance will coordinate your repair with the body shop or repair center to make sure this process is as seamless as possible. A combination repair takes additional time, depending on the severity of the damage. After completing the evaluation process, Indent is available to review the estimate with you, answer any questions you may have and schedule the repairs. Moreover, a copy of the repair estimate will be given to you for your records. On the day of your appointment, you will need to bring your car and a copy of your estimate to one of our repair location near where you live or work. If you are uncertain of your schedule or have additional questions about the process, you can always contact our customer care center to speak to a representative for more information.  Our toll-free number is 1-888-663-3689.

I have hail damage, what do I do?


 Auto hail damage repair cost


Insurance companies have agreements with body shops known as DRP’s (Direct Repair Providers). A DRP is an agreement between the body shop and an insurance company that usually means that the body shop agrees to price concessions for the insurance company. In exchange, the body shop is led to believe that more claims will be sent their way because they decided to lower their prices for the insurance company.

As a consumer, you need to think clearly as to what this issue means for you. Do you want your vehicle repaired by a body shop that agrees to fix it cheaper to get more work for them? Is a cheaper repair a quality repair? Not usually. Don’t fall victim to this game. If you don’t know a quality body shop, ask around and get recommendations from other consumers.

When talking to your claims representative, it is a very common practice for them to attempt to steer you to their preferred body shop to have the auto hail repair done. Steering is illegal in most states; however, it is still a common practice. Do not be intimidated or coerced into taking your vehicle somewhere just because the insurance company wants you to use a particular shop. By law, you have the right to have your vehicles hail damage repaired by the repairer of your choice.

Indent usa llc is not in anyway stating DRP shops can not be a quality shop

Find answers to these questions by asking an indent representative.

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How does this all work and what do I do?

Auto hail damage repair near Appleton Wisconsin.

Know what's right for your hail damaged vehicle.  Know all the key insurance companies prefer our technicians that do auto hail damage repair near Green Bay Wisconsin and the surrounding area over anyone else.